We know how to please you & your family

We have a team of 14 members who have received extensive training on GDS systems, Fares and Ticketing, Tour Operations, Marketing, etc, and count several years experience in the Travel industry that makes Jetwing Journeys a very competitive travel agency in Colombo.


Key competencies of our team


    • Most of our managers and tour designers have lived or worked in destinations they are working so they know their destination better than anyone! So with Jetwing Journeys, you can explore with more understanding and knowledge on the destination.


    • At Jetwing Journeys you can find the best itinarary creators. We know how to balance travelling, leisure time, adventure time, shopping and sightseeing activities without making you exhausted. Our team is expertise in developing well-balanced itinararies for all specialised destinations.


    • Your safety is our focus! Our team is well aware of your individual needs and wants, sometimes your tour designer will join with you to explore the destination with you. You can always count on us; contact us via mobile and our team will be in touch with you throughout your journey.


    • We believe in meaningful connections; we take your needs and wants seriously. We do not want you to stop the relationship with us after one trip, we want you to travel the world and make memories around the world with us. We dedicate our time in deep consulting, trip planning and ensuring your satisfaction.


We organise and take part in trade shows, exhibitions, sales promotions and flash sale events also we support tourism events with the objective of promoting emerging destinations, offering discounts and sharing travel related information with locals.

Responsible Business

Jetwing has has remained committed to uplifting lives, developing communities, and engaging in sustainable practices to benefit the environment. We work to build positive relationships with the local communities in which we operate, aiming to serve them through the support of our operations and dedicated efforts to enhance quality of life.


As a family of people and companies, Jetwing Journeys is committed towards the welfare and development of our associates. We endeavour to provide a safe, secure and equal-opportunity work environment where the rights of our associates are protected and associates are empowered and encouraged to reach their maximum potential.


Across all strategy and action, respect for ecosystems around our locations, environmentally friendly processes and care for natural resources as well as energy and waste management are fundamental to Jetwing. We are always seeking to achieve a safe and sustainable environment for our community, future generations and ourselves by considering our commitment to the environment when making business decisions.


As an employee of Jetwing Journeys, you become a dynamic part of a leading business family, with an enthusiasm for travel, hospitality and sustainability.


We work hard to sustain an environment that defines the right balance between professional and fun – because we believe that people are more resourceful when they are empowered and more productive when they are recognised. At Jetwing Journeys, there’re plenty of opportunities for learnings, career growth and travel.
Jetwing Journeys is a proud member of the Jetwing Group, one of the leading local businesses in delivering hospitality and experience-rich travel.


To apply for careers at Jetwing Journeys, please send your resume to [email protected]